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So a little background on myself; I was raised with motorcycles, painting and body work, until the age of 13. I then moved to cars because they were a bit more abundant than bikes. At age 16 I only hung out with guys who shared my interest in cars, and that hasn’t gone away at all. At 17, I got my first car, a 1999 Hyundai Tiburon. I took it apart daily to say the least. On the 18th day of July in 2014 I purchased my Xterra. I am the VP of NOMAD OFFROAD LLC. Our website will be up shortly!

The background of Clifford.

She is a 2 Wheel Drive S Model

Clifford and I met on July 15, 2014 and I went to visit her every day after I got off work.
On July 18, 2014 at 6:08 pm I asked her to be mine forever. After 5 hours and 22 minutes, I was finally able to take her home.

She currently sits at 169k miles

She came to me stock, but she wouldn’t stay like that for long…

* Suspension
* 4” Lift Spindle
* Alcan Leaf Pack
* 5” pack with an AAL
* 2” Body Lift
* Protection
* Skids
* I picked up a set of skids, but they didn’t fit the frame of a 2WD so I sold them and will be making some custom ones with NOMAD OFFROAD for Clifford and other 2WDs
* NOMAD OFFROAD Rock Sliders
* We will be making some sliders for Clifford and Pax here soon. He currently has Xoskel Sliders.
* InSain Fab or Shrockworks Rear Tire Carrier
* Shrockworks Front Bumper
* Warn Winch
* By the way, NOMAD OFFROAD is going to request to be an authorized dealer of Warn
* Other
* CVT Rooftop Tent
* Have
* Lighting

* Front
* 20” light bar in the mouth
* 8” light bars on the top x4
* Mounted on Xoskel Second Generation LoPro Front Light Bar Mount
* Rear
* 3” mounted pods x2
* Mounted on Xoskel First Made Second Generation Rear Light Bar Mount
* 3” flush mounted pods x2
* Sides
* 42” light bar x2
* Underside
* Mictuning Rock Lights
* Performance
* Suspension
* 2" Front Lift Spacer
* PRG Pucks
* Front Suspension set up from an Off-Road Model Xterra
* These came with the 2” lift on them already
* Extended Shackles
* Custom made by my boyfriend Eric, also known as Pax on here
* Wheels and Tires
* Stock S Model Rims
* Plast-Dipped Black
* Red Metal-cast painted emblems and lug nuts
* Goodyear Wrangler DuraTracs
* Other Stuff
* HAM Radio
* Pax and I now have our HAM licenses as of the 4th of March, and these are the radios we got. Pictures below.

* Retractable Cargo Cover
* I’ve wanted one of these since I got Clifford, and my mom just got me one this year
* Midland CB
* My RadioShack CB fried itself when the coax went bad, but for Christmas, Pax got me this one and a new coax.
* External CB Speaker
* Dash Cam
* I've been paranoid since the accident, so I picked up a front and rear dash cam to help calm my nerves.
* OEM Fog Lights
* Provided by another memberSticker Count
* Number of Stickers
* 64 StickersUpdates
* January 20th, 2017
* So on the way to the 2017 Kick Off Run, unfortunately, Clifford, Myself, and my pup Oreo were in an accident in Scottsdale. A Mitsubishi Eclipse collided with my front drivers side tire, and broke my spindle. Clifford had to be towed because her steering was messed up. I'll include pictures of the accident below.
* February 15th, 2017
* Was going to pick up Clifford from Andy's Auto Collision today, but while he was driving, a metal piece shredded the Terra Grappler so Thursday I will be taking my spare over there to grab my truck while they replace the tire and wheel. Pics included below
* February 17th, 2017
* Installed the Dash Cam, External Speaker, and Relocated my CB Radio Antenna
* May 10th, 2017
* My Xtrons Radio crapped out and went into a start-up loop so I'm getting a refund and I'll be purchasing a Pioneer Radio instead. I had a custom box made to recreate the JL Stealth Box and I will add pictures later, once the project is complete.
* January 12, 2017
* Made a write up on the Catalytic Converter Replacement [here]


Flagstaff Fat Tire Run 2016

Lake Mary/ AZXC Camping Trip July 2016

When I first Got My Truck, Completely Stock

How She Sits Right Now

Flush Mount Pod and CB Radio Install

New Stickers

Accident on the way to the 2017 Kick Off Run

External Speaker Install, and Antenna Relocation

Got my new radio installed.

We finally got our HAM Licenses
Here is where I'm mounting my radio for now, until I get an actual mobile set up.

New fog lights, I have the covers for sale

Front Drivers Side Catalytic Converter

youre going to need new coilovers if you do a 4in lift.

pinchel (Rob):
I vote for the Cooper STT Pro or Goodyear Duratracs

Updated for 3 more added stickers

And I think I will go with the DuraTracs, I like how aggressive they look on my truck currently and they aren't too pricey

Edited for install :)


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