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Bihlerflex The Perfect Bungee - Sponsor

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pinchel (Rob):
If you haven't heard of them, check them out! They are now an AZXC 2016/17 Sponsor!

You can find them on Facebook here.
Follow them on Instagram here.

They make different kinds of bungees, some pretty cool ones that we all probably wish we had on the trail. They're made in the New Jersey, USA. They make dog products too!

You can order from their website and save %10 with coupon code, MADEINTHEUSA. Free shipping on all orders $60 and over in the continental USA.

Looks interesting, I need some new bungees. I have been using the ones from Harbor Freight but they don't last very long in the sun.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Good job on sponsers these i might buy a few of.
So many options and combinations could be a good opportunity for reviews.

pinchel (Rob):
We're planning some giveaways for upcoming events too! We might have some these perfect bungees to share. :)

Hammer (Avi):
Those look interesting, might have to give them a shot. 


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