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Thupertrooper (Victor):
Date: January Friday 20th- Sunday 22nd
Location: Hackberry Creek/Oak Flats

Camping: Friday night and Saturday night.
Nights will be cold 20-30 So pack for that.
No firewood around so bring some if you can. AZXC will pitch in for some.

Wheeling: Saturday morning
    Meet up : 8am at the campground

Campsite Oak Flats
Oak Flats Rd, Superior, AZ 85173

There will be multiple trails to choose from with Hackberry Creek being 4x4 only and rated pretty harsh.
There will be a 2wd trail that will be lead by Clifford3200 as of now. A more stock 4wd trail will be an option also.

Pot luck/ cookout: Saturday late afternoon
Tacos sponsored by AZXC and cooked by Chuy

Thupertrooper (Victor)
Pax (Eric)
XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin)
Justin's Friend^

Hackberry Creek Trail post for Saturday meet up and trail info.

Also be sure to share, post and tag us and our sponsors! We ask that you follow them on social media, but you aren't required.
We have some giveaways for this kickoff so please be sure to thank them! They want to see pics!

PRO4X Level Sponsors:

S Level Sponsors:

X Level Sponsors:

More info to come

please post a map screen shot of where this is at. 

Thupertrooper (Victor):

--- Quote from: XTiki on December 30, 2016, 08:43:17 AM ---please post a map screen shot of where this is at.

--- End quote ---

There will be detailed directions and maps once i get a chance. No official details only date and place.

I should be able to camp Friday night and lead the run for Hackberry Creek Saturday.

pinchel (Rob):
I can't make this 2017 kickoff, maybe next year. =(


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