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My Report from the ASLD office:

I picked up my State Land Trust permit this week. I decided to go to the Arizona State Land Department office rather than mail in the application and wonder when the permit was going to be mailed back to me. I wanted to have it quickly for this coming weekend. I work near there in Downtown so it would be easy to go just after lunch time. But getting there was no problem (i.e. no parking issues).

I asked the receptionist for two Individual permits (one for my truck, one for Wally’s) at $15 apiece. She suggested a Family permit instead for $20. Their definition of Family is “two adults in a group”.  After walking across the street to the ATM because they only accept cash, she gave me two flimsy orange mirror hangers, both with the same serial number on them.  Very easy. They are valid for a year.

I chatted with the receptionist for a while… she said that there is a new “crack down” on violations. “The Authorities” will give someone with no permit one warning. They put their name in a data base and a second violation will get you a fine of $300-$400 dollars. “The Authorities”… “just found out” that fine money goes to “The Authorities Department” and not to Arizona State Land Department… “This means that now there is an increase of fines issued [because they can make money].”  I’m just paraphrasing what she told me.

She also told me that there is a new… Director type person there… and they are trying to implement a web based permit application system soon. So you won’t have to mail in applications or go to the office to get permits.

All this time I didn’t understand what Trust Land was and I just figured it out. Paraphrasing form the ASLD website, Trust land is land that is held in a trust for the benefit of the Public Schools and other public Institutions. The use of this land must benefit The Trust… in other words; using the land must benefit the Public Schools… thus the reason for the cost of the permit. Trust Land is private property.

That's the end of my report.  ;)

Great post thanks for the info . ;D

I needed to do this. Thanks!

Be advised that the first airdown spot at Table Mesa road (on the WEST side of I-17) is actually State Trust Land.  They recently put a sign up, so if your permit is not up-to-date, do not stop there - go down the road until you get to BLM land (which is about 1/2 mile farther).

Thanks for the heads up.


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