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Not part of the Instagram group, but I suppose I should at least start following them. I believe that Instagram page is run by the same people who run the So Cal Xterras and Frontiers Facebook page. I am with the SCCX group here (So Cal Club Xterra), actually a member of the BOD. The facebook group has a lot of the same members as SCCX, but there are quite a few on FB who just don't do the whole "forum" thing, and plenty on SCCX who are faceless in the book of Zucker, so it's nice to keep an eye on both to stay up to date on the happenings around here.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :)

pinchel (Rob):
A couple questions, why the rubber band on the antenna? I'm sure it's obvious why but does it help?

Also, since you are a HAM please post in the HAM section. There are a few of us who are studying to do the test, myself included.


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