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Meet and Greet 2/18 Main Event Avondale

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Thupertrooper (Victor):
We will be having a meet and greet on Saturday February 18th. Please RSVP so we can make sure we add you to our lane reservation.

             Main Event Entertainment
             10315 W. McDowell Rd.
             Avondale, AZ 85392

Please arrive by: 5:00pm
Check-in for bowlers: 5:15pm to 6pm (Raffle tickets will be handed out during checkin)
Bowling: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

The Club is paying the lane rental for 2 hours, shoe rental is not included. That is $4 per person, be sure to wear socks.

If you aren't checked in before 6pm, we'll do our best to accommodate you to bowl based on availability. We can't guarantee it. Make sure we have your bowlers accounted for by Thursday 2/16.

Hammer (Avi)                not bowling
FirstLady (Bethany)      1 bowler
Pinchel (Rob)                3 bowlers
PitSnipe (Kyle)              not bowling
Thupertrooper (Victor)  2 bowlers
Chuy                            2 or 3 bowlers
Rubio480                     2 bowlers
Pax (Eric)                     1 bowler
Clifford                         1 bowler
Azfronty99                   1 bowler
m.sainz12                    2 bowlers
Slapshotking09            1 bowler
Leprechaun                 2 or 4 bowlers
Stephen                      3 bowlers
Bryant Leal                 
Spencer                     2 bowlers

There will be giveaways! For more chances to win please go and follow/like our club sponsors on social media! Once you have gone and liked and followed them all, post on this thread that you've done it!

Scrubblade Windshield Wipers
CVT-Cascadia Vehicle Tents
Bihlerflex, LLC
AutopartsWare House

pinchel (Rob):
Bikini Beans?

PitSnipe (Kyle):

--- Quote from: pinchel (Rob) on January 23, 2017, 12:58:46 PM ---Bikini Beans?

--- End quote ---

I cant find the like button

I'm 100% down with Bikini beans expresso!

Would it be possible to do an AZXC sponsored member dinner or lunch, with some booze?

What about at a bowling alley style place like Uptown Alley or Main Event? We can get a private lane, something for the adults and the kiddos! What about Dave and Busters?

I know some of us are married or have significant others, and some of us old timers even have kids! I think it would be a great place to mingle and have fun as a club.

Im down to make the trip but I only leave the house or garage if its for fun. Im not into standing around a parking lot, just to shoot the breeze. It might be different if I only lived 15min down the road, but I know some of us are pretty far away.


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