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Let's get this Kickball thing going!

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pinchel (Rob):
How is it that there are only 3 votes?

pinchel (Rob):
Should the club buy the gear? I'm going to check Play it Again sports for pricing but Amazon has a ball on special for $9 and set of new throw down bases for only $10. So the club would be out like $20 bucks.

pinchel (Rob):
I realize that it is getting warm now and people may not be that interested in playing Kickball but if we bring beverages and make a simple picnic out of it we might be able to get people together more than we think. Perhaps we'll have family time for it at the upcoming Sedona excursion.

An official kickball and plastic bases for the club would cost us less than $30.  Everything will pack compactly and light.

I'd like to see us start a rotation type event, where we would pick different locations in the valley to meet and play at so as to give everyone the chance to gather. Then during cooler months or as more interested parties are willing to gather we can adjust the rotation schedule or locations as needed.

pinchel (Rob):
So can/should the club buy it?

Thupertrooper (Victor):
First match in Sedona


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