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2017 Flag2GC Bike Run 8/4 - 8/6

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pinchel (Rob):
AZXC is now mentioned on the the Flag2GC website! -

This years beer sponsor will be Deschutes Brewery, not Fat Tire.

***The event team is asking for some help on Sunday to help break down camp. In previous years, we all just kind of did our own thing and left. The really want us to be a bigger part of the event team/family and this is another opportunity to help out and get to know the people behind the scenes. When breaking down the End Camp there is always tons of leftover breakfast and snacks which everyone is welcome to, especially if you help out. Let me know if you want to sign up and I can get your names on the volunteer list.***

In lieu of the club committing to helping Randy Miller with his fundraising commitment we would still like to raise money to donate to the Toys for Tots so we have added a link on the forum, and I will post it in other pertinent areas. If between now and the deadline, we raise funds that can help him meet and or exceed his commitment that is required by the event we will update the status.

Last year, funds raised from this event made Christmas happen for over 9700 children! If you can donate, please do so, we ask that you make a donation of $10 to $25 but any amount is appreciated. The donation button link on the forum is located just under the Supporting Member button which is in the left corner area forum. Here is the direct link, let me know if anyone has issues with this link or any of the links I posted.

Help Raise us raise money for #Flag2GC Toys for Tots!

Click to Donate!
When:  Aug 4th - Aug 6th
Where:   Flagstaff / Grand Canyon
What:  61 mile mountain bike ride from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon
Charity: This ride raises money for the Marine League Charities (aka Toys for Tots, Wounded Marines, etc).
Our Role: We provide on-course support for the riders.  If they break down and/or can't continue, we will shuttle them to the next SAG (Stop And Group) stop.

We typically get up to Flag on Friday afternoon / evening and camp at "Start Camp". !!! Start Camp for us will be somewhere different than the riders, location posted below. !!!

On Saturday, we are up early, before the riders start which is 7am, and drive out to our assigned spots on the trail. We are on parked on the trail for a good portion of the day (bring your own lunch, water, snacks, shade). On Saturday, late afternoon, we make it to the finish line just outside of the Grand Canyon (aka "End Camp"). At End Camp, the Marines cook a big fajita dinner, and Fat Tire donates the beer. After dinner, we have a big bonfire, and goldfish (the crackers) massacre! On Sunday morning, the Marines cook up a big breakfast, and then we break camp to head for home.

This is a great event, and one that I try to make every year.  We can always use more trucks on the trail, but let's try to keep it Nissans only (i.e. don't post this on a non-Nissan board). That being said, if you have a buddy with another make of high clearance or 4wd vehicle, they would be welcome to join us.

Here is a link to the Flagstaff2GC event website:

Let's make this an even greater year for Nissans at this event!

CB: channel 17
CARC Operations HAM Simplex: 146.4800 Mhz (Controlled Net)
Backup Williams HAM Repeater: 146.7800 Mhz Tone:91.5 Offset:-0.600Mhz (Uncontrolled Net)
MURS 5 154.600 Mhz (Uncontrolled Net)

Attendees (Plus Shirt Size):
Pinchel (Rob) - 1 XLarge and 1 Small
Hammer (Avi) - 1 Large
FirstLady (Bethany) - 1 Medium
DBAX (Dan) - 1 XXLarge and 1 Large
Azfronty99 (Jeff) - 1 Large
PitSnipe (Kyle) - 1 XLarge
PitsWife - 1 Large
Thupertrooper (Victor) - 2 Large
Pax (Eric) - 1 XLarge
Clifford (Chantel) - 1 XLarge
AZ-Ted - 1 XXLarge
Conundrum (Adam) - 1 Large
Slow4x (Christian) - 1 Medium and 1 Small
m.sainz12 - 1 Large
SWANKYX (Marshall) - 1 XXLarge
XTiki (Rex) - 1 XXLarge
Xena (Addie) +1 Jeep - 1 Large and 1 Small
FirstXRS (Zac) - 1 Large

Thatsgr8 (Scott) - 1 XLarge 1 Medium 1 Small
Brannick (Chris) -
Rubio480 (Eron) -

Not Attending:
Thatsgr8 (Scott) - 1 XLarge 1 Medium 1 Small
Turle (Richard) - 1 XLarge

Start Camp location for us will be here, unless the event changes maps. -> , it is near last years 1st checkpoint. Here are the coordinates - (35.395493, -111.756143). It is not far from the 180. The actual camp site might be exact depending on the trees, but we'll be on the left side of the road and before the cattle gate. So if you go over the cattle gate, you missed our camp.

Try to get to our Start Camp as early as possible on Friday, we will be handing out maps and sharing pertinent info. We will need to be ready to roll pretty early as the riders start riding at 7am and they are much much closer to the checkpoints, which gives us less lag time to get there. We all need to be at designated checkpoints before the riders get there. And for you noobs, there are riders that can beat us to checkpoints.

We usually need a minimum of 10 rigs to cover 10 checkpoints. Once we arrive, and we have an ACTUAL number, we can assign checkpoints with buddies if possible. There will be a few checkpoints this year that will have HAM operators so if we have to we can buddy up with them.

Otherwise, we're there to ensure the safety of the riders so we'll need to cover the checkpoints. If you know anyone who has a high clearance vehicle or 4wd invite the to come along with you.

This has been taken care of... ***Volunteers are needed who can arrive early Friday morning to help mark the trail! Let us know if you can be there that early!!!***

Hammer (Avi):
I'm off that Saturday so it's a no brainer. 



PitSnipe (Kyle):
This is the same weekend as the Metallica concert. SHIT!!!


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