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2017 Flag2GC Bike Run 8/4 - 8/6

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Thupertrooper (Victor):
Im in aslong as nothing pops up.

Pax (Eric):
Unless something comes up last minute Clifford and I will be there.

pinchel (Rob):
We really need to pump this up folks, coming soon more information related to the future of this event.

Some news on this one, Fat Tire is not a beer sponsor for this year, it will be Deschutes Brewery. I like their beer too. :)

pinchel (Rob):
Great to hear that AZ-Ted will be joining us this year!

pinchel (Rob):
Also, if anyone would like them, I have gpx data from last years trail. It will be the same this year. Just reminder, this event is not going to be called Fat Tire, they are sticking with the Flag2GC name. Not that it isn't a major consequence but likely due to changes in beer sponsors.

This coming year, Deschutes will be supplying our Rider Support group, aka Marshall's Militia with our own bottle beer. They aren't currently putting their stuff in cans, so hopefully we can all be responsible for our mess. No word on what it will be, since they will likely be adding seasonal brews that time of year.


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