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P0340- who's had it?

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About a month ago my 07 OR had a really rough idle at start up. SES came on, then it smoothed out, RPMs went normal and the light went out. A week ago the engine kind of 'hiccuped' on the highway fie just a moment. That night it didn't want to start and when it finally cranked over the VDC, SLIP, and SES lights were on and have been ever since. Read the code with my Superchips and it gave me P0340- passenger side bank 1 camshaft position sensor.

Who's had this come up and did an install of a new sensor fix the problem for good? Any installation tips?

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Thupertrooper (Victor):
I think Avi has had issues with this. Just swapped it out.

pinchel (Rob):
Yep, Avi did, and a neighbor did. Both replaced the sensor and it fixed it. The sensor is a PITA but not too terrible.

So for anyone who searches this in the future, here's a few pics. Easiest way to get to the bank 1 (passenger side/right side) camshaft position sensor is with a step stool by the passenger side tire and reach in here.

You have to kind of weave your hand in between a couple wire harnesses and you'll feel a smooth skinnier wire harness. Follow this back to the back of the engine and that's the sensor. You'll feel a large rectangular harness connector. On the bottom is the release. Push it in towards the front of the vehicle and it should release.

Here is where it's easiest to lay on top of the engine bay and reach down with a 10mm to remove the actual sensor. I couldn't get the harness connector to release while attached and had to remove the sensor and then the connector.
This is what the sensor looks like.

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Hammer (Avi):
Good job, I should of written it up one of the 4 times I've done it, but I was always too busy cursing. 


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