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pinchel (Rob):
Ok guys and gals, Krazy Beaver Tools hasn't agreed to sponsor us, yet. Not sure if they will, but they did say they could offer us a group discount of sorts. Who is interested in one of their specialty shovels?

Most of their shovels and kits range from $80 to $130, depends on finish and mounting options.

I'll see if they can send us one to try out. In the meantime, they got back to me so here is their discount offer. It's for this specific shovel. If you aren't interested in this one, just post not interested.

12 shovels at $55.25 each, 30% discount, they ship three per box. So we'll get the best shipping if we order them as packaged.

Group Buyers:
Pinchel (Rob)

Details on the shovel:

The “Krazy Beaver Super Shovel” is an All American Made Product. 
Currently the shovel is available in one size at this time.
Measures 40 inches Total length.  Excellent for Camping, Hunting and Off-Road use.

The Head:
Manufactured using Heavy Duty 13 gauge heat treated tempered steel.  Twice as thick as  a normal residential shovel.
Reinforced teeth to prevent bending and breaking.
Powder coated both inside and out from the head to handle area to prevent rust.   
The “Krazy Beaver Super Shovel” can be used for regular digging and in extreme situations can be used to assist in penetrating Ice and Clay.
The “Krazy Beaver Super Shovel” is only available in red at this time.
Measures 11 1/2” Height X 8 1/2 wide.

The Handle: 
Made of lightweight but extremely strong fiberglass 
High Visibility Yellow
The head to handle connection has a permanently mounted solid 14” fiberglass reinforcing core to withstand breakage during the most extreme circumstances. 
At the end of the handle under the “D-Grip”, there is a hollow section that can be used for storage of emergency items such as matches, flint, hooks, fishing line, batteries, etc…

The D-Grip:
Made of solid Polymer. 
There is no soft rubber on these grips.  The reason for the use of the solid Polymer is because soft rubber overtime begins to break down and becomes sticky.

The Lock Pins:
These Tab Lock Pins are awesome!  Unlike regular PTO or quick release pins, you can actually use gloves.  The “Tab” makes it easy to attach or remove from the shovel.  In addition to being easy to use, these pins are easy to find when accidentally dropped in the sand or mud, unlike a two piece pin that has a separate pin and wire.

Semi interested, depends on the price. I have never seen one in person, I would like to try one out to see what the advantage is over other shovels its size.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
With you Chuy only interested if the price is right.
Only thing i would like are the mounts not the shovel.

Hammer (Avi):

--- Quote from: Thupertrooper (Victor) on February 20, 2017, 12:58:24 PM ---With you Chuy only interested if the price is right.
Only thing i would like are the mounts not the shovel.

--- End quote ---
The mounts look like quick fists and I haven't been very impressed by them.  I'd have to see them in person, they look like sharpened home depot shovels or holes drilled in them.   

pinchel (Rob):
Supposed to be thicker than your regular shovel, not sure about the paint benefit other than to look cool. I've watched YouTube videos of them and they seem to be perfect for rocky soil and do better at getting through the rocks than the standard because the tines. The paint doesn't last. They do make an unfinished black version but it's the same price I think.

I want the standoff mounts for the quickfists that I have.

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