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Sedona Run 2017

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Thupertrooper (Victor):

--- Quote from: gringofusilero on April 01, 2017, 08:03:19 PM ---That was a good time, guys. Victor are you going to post any of the pictures you took?

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Yes I usually upload to flickr and share the link.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Thank you to Vic for planning this event. It turned out great. I believe there was five rigs for the Broken Arrow night run. Saturday morning all nine of us ran Broken Arrow. After the trail we all split up for lunch while some let the group for other activities. The afternoon run of Red Rock Powerline consisted of the remaining five survivors. It was a quick scenic trail that I really enjoyed. Be sure to check out the pic thread for all of the great shots.

I wasn't to thank Patrick for the use of his air compressor. The third event in a row my compressors decided to crap out (yes I have three portables). This is why I cant wait to get my OBA installed.

hawairish (Patrick):
Good times, guys! 
No problem, Kyle!

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Great run guys. Thank you all who made it out. I had a blast.

Thanks vic!


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