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April Xcursion - CANCELLED - Dirty 6 Mud Run

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Just wanted to start the thread early for our April Xcursion.  It is the Dirty 6 Mud Run, and it is on Saturday, April 24th at Wildhorse Pass in Chandler.  The Dirty 6 is a six mile footrace through a muddy track.  This is our second year volunteering at this event.  Last year, we staged our trucks on the course, stretched construction netting across the course, and had the runners jump over / duck under the netting.

It is a great event, and it is a good chance to get some mud on your vehicle.

The event is put on by DCB Adventures (the same people that used to do the Xterra Triathlon).  Here is the official website:

I have called and emailed David at DCB, so I should get more details soon.

Edit: changed title to cancelled

I'll be looking forward to this! Mud makes me giggle...  ::)
Thanks, AZ-Ted!

I received an email back from David from DCB Adventures, and he is exctied to work with us again.  For those of you that don't know, we have been working with DCB Adventures for the last 8 years.  7 of those years, AZXC volunteered at the Xterra Triathlon, and last year DCB changed the event to the Dirty 6 Mud Run.

We will again have the first obstacle (and most likely the final obstacle too).  We will have two water trucks, and a fire hydrant (and a fire hose, I'm assuming) at our disposal.  At the first obstacle, the objective is to get the runners wet, as the mud will come later in the course.

Last year, we had the water trucks spraying the runners as the entered the hurdles.  We had construction netting strung out between the trucks - some were set low (to jump over) and some were set high (to duck under).  This was OK, but we had a lot of people bunching up.  It was almost too difficult for the runners to negotiate the low/high hurdle combinations.

For this year, I was thinking about having 3-5 sets of short hurdles (railroad ties) to jump over.  People can either jump over the them, or step up on them and then walk over.

The last obstacle worked really well last year.  We flooded the area, and lined the trucks up so the runners had to run through the mud.  Many of the runners enjoyed this part of the course.  In fact, quite a few of them stopped / dropped / and rolled in the mud!!!

I'll post up when I hear more from David at DCB.  In the meantime, does anyone know where we can score some free railroad ties?  I'm thinking we'll need 8-10 ties.


--- Quote from: AZ-Ted on January 27, 2010, 01:24:21 PM --- In the meantime, does anyone know where we can score some free railroad ties?  I'm thinking we'll need 8-10 ties.

--- End quote ---
If we can't find TIES, I know were we can find some stock Xterra TIRES...  ;D

I'm looking forward to this! Thanks for setting this up for us Ted!

This is on my calendar. I may even let the kiddo do the kids run at 11. 

The tire idea is good, maybe place them in the mud and have them run through them like football training.


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