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Stargazing Night!

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Hey all!
Hammer (Avi) and I are interested in attending a free stargazing night hosted by a local stargazing group. Their next event is in Buckeye at Skyline Regional Park on Saturday, March 4, 2017 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

Their website states: "Take A Guided Tour Of The Night Sky and Explore The Universe Through Our Telescopes. Enjoy a night under the stars or a special tour in our giant indoor planetarium. Learn star names, see the constellations, and listen to stories of the night sky. View the moon, planets, star clusters, nebula, galaxies and more through our telescopes. We encourage you to bring your digital camera and binoculars to enjoy the views from these great locations. The stargazing programs are outdoor events, dress appropriately and bring chairs or blankets for your seating comfort. Try to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time for parking and seating."

For more information, see their website:

We have been to similar events hosted by other local groups and really enjoyed these events. Should be fun! Let us know if anyone is interested in joining us!

PitSnipe (Kyle):
I take it your leaving right after the Boulders event is over for the stargazing?


--- Quote from: PitSnipe (Kyle) on February 24, 2017, 03:05:17 PM ---I take it your leaving right after the Boulders event is over for the stargazing?

--- End quote ---

Yes I think I am going to meet him there since the OHV leaders meeting is only for the VIPs.  :)

This sounds awesome, I met some of these people during the parks grand opening. They had some awesome telescopes. It made me want to buy one. I think my wife and I are up for this event, considering its right down the road from me.

pinchel (Rob):
Sounds nice, but IIR parking is very limited at this park. The VIPs are camping through Sunday I thought, but Bethany you'll want to check on that with Avi regarding the logistics. I wasn't planning on leaving campsite until Sunday morning.

IF we, leave and I can get the family to go perhaps Denise and the kids and carpool with you, and we all meet there!

Let me know.


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