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TN Mudflap:
Mike here, just moved from Nashville, TN, to the Red Rock area(Marana). Just bought me an Xterra, and was going to purchase a BEEFY one, but price was out of my budget. Sooo, I bought a 2000, with 4wd, and it needs a little work, but it is a solid platform to build on. Thanks for the add....

Also, I am a Motorola radio technician, and know more about mobile radio than I want to, so if anyone needs help with their rig radios, lemme know. I can also get antennas, coax, and do installs.. Plus, the radio that Rugged Radio sell are just cheapo $90 radio from ebay. KT-8900, and I can program them too...


Welcome! I moved from Raleigh NC last June.

Welcome! Don't hesitate to ask any of us for help or questions.

Hammer (Avi):
Welcome! Great to have another HAM in the club.  I know a couple of the members are working on getting a license, but that is a smoking deal to get started with a mobile rig.   Getting an antenna outside your vehicle is the most important piece to getting good propagation.  I see people using the handhelds inside a vehicle and wonder why they don't get great results, a mobile install is a world better.   

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Welcome good to have someone else that knows their way around mobile radios.


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