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XTERRA Trail Run Volunteers - 4WD Required March 26th 2017

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pinchel (Rob):

Other than the date changing, the other details below are the same. Any further updates please check here, we want to keep the AZXC volunteers on the same page.

Rigs are needed to help get the aid stations setup, event should be over by noon. If you can not stay till noon, they need help in the am to get stuff to the stations and then get it back. I would guess the priority is the morning since they have a timeline to get setup before the runners start.

If you can't make it in the am, maybe a few of you can show up for an hour to help bring the equipment back to them.

More details:

Drive volunteers/supplies to aid station C. 4WD vehicle required.
Aid Station C

Drive supplies/volunteers to and from Aid Station E. 4WD vehicle required.
Aid Station E


Anyone have plans early Sunday morning and throughout the day? I'm looking for some trail volunteers for Sunday in the Black Canyon City area.

You would need to arrive no later than 5:30am at the pickup stop. You'll be picking up aid station supplies/volunteers (large bin/large gatorade jug/ water/ folding table), then transport to the trail aid stations. May involve crossing the Agua Fria river north of Table Mesa. Looks like two crossings, Cottonwood Gulch and then again up by the Horshoe Bar area off the Black Canyon Trail.

Any further details I will post as quick as I can. This would be similar to our Flagstaff Fat Tire Event except this is closer to Phoenix and it sounds like you'd be moving more in the am to deliver supplies and such. Not sure what's needed after that's done but I'm sure it will be nice to get outdoors.

They are having a few different trail runs, if you aren't familiar with the "XTERRA" group they run and bike in the outdoors, kinda like offroading but you're using your feet. lol

The longest is the half marathon, which has 4 Aid Stations to be setup and probably taken down. If you can help in the morning, which is their primary concern right now, then you don't have to commit to anything else. If you can hang out for the day, I'm sure the event coordinators would appreciate it but they haven't asked us to just yet.

pinchel (Rob):
As of now, M.sainz99 (Nick) and Azfronty99 (Jeff) have said they would go. Jeff still has to confirm.

I may go, but I don't know if I can get their that early. Depends on what time I get home Saturday evening.

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pinchel (Rob):

Just got this message posted from the comments on our Facebook page. Thank you guys for offering your help, event has been cancelled until further notice.

"Thank you so much for wanting to participate. Unfortunately the event organizer has informed me that the event has been canceled. The rain has made the water level too high and the BLM does not want to risk anyone's safety. Will let you know if it will be rescheduled. It is a beautiful area!"

pinchel (Rob):
Alright guys & gals, the Xterra Trail Runners have confirmed the date and have received a green light from the land management offices to have their event.

Who wants to help?!

First water crossing.

pinchel (Rob):
They only need 3 - 4 vehicles, consider it practice for the upcoming Flag2GC event.


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