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Springtime Tech/Mod Day?

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I have a two car garage(18x18x7), in NW Tucson, not sure how many cars that would actually help with...
(I could use some help with PRG 3" and alcan 3")

I'm free Sundays.Can't do today though


--- Quote from: m.sainz12 on March 19, 2017, 11:34:17 AM ---I'm free Sundays.Can't do today though

--- End quote ---

Cool are you available this sunday march 26?
Can you drive down to tucson?

I will let you know tomorrow. I might have to drive up to Winslow sunday

pinchel (Rob):
Can you drive into Phoenix this weekend? Perhaps someone could help you here and then you can go to the ASFG expo and or help out on a trail Sunday morning?


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