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Not sure if they are a sponsor or not. I tried looking to see who all the sponsors are.
Needless to say I am having a big issue with them. Maybe someone can give some input on this issue as well.
So I just returned from overseas and while I was gone my brother ordered $2k worth of parts for a titan swap on FEB22 and they were promised on MAR10. After some calls and emails we received excuses blaming the company that makes the leaf springs, then another excuse about powder coating. They were promised again on the 16th then again on the 24th. Just sent another email this morning and tried calling with no response. Has anyone else had this issue as well? Any info or rants is accepted. #doneventing

I have had great experiences with prg and shitty ones with them.

I know many people who have had issues with shipping times.

I would call and leave a message regarding a dispute with paypal or cc company. Greg got back to me so quick after that

Greg, the owner of PRG is a great guy, and does a lot for the very limited Nissan aftermarket parts community.  You are buying customized parts that are produced in batches.  There can be unexpected wait times with some of the products he sells.  He gives updated shipping dates based on what his suppliers are telling him (not all products are stocked at all times - this is not Amazon).

The difficulty is that PRG is a small company with like 1-3 employees.  He can be hard to get in touch with, but when you do reach him, you will be pleasantly surprised.  He has a ton of great information, not only before the sale, but after the sale, the installation, and on going maintenance (there is maintenance that will be needed on the UCAs, the coilovers, and the LCAs).

I bought my TS from him back in 2009, and did a refresh in 2016.  Both times, there were delays, but I am more than happy with my products from PRG.

Thanks for the info gentlemen. I will keep all this in mind. Was just a little disappointed and sad that it wasn't ready when I got back to the states.


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