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Hammer (Avi):
Unfortunately, none of the aftermarket suppliers are as consistent as we'd like.  I've found if there products are shown in stock and ordered online there are usually no issues.  Getting ahold of Greg can be difficult, but he always has all the answers when you do.  The products seem to be superior to the other options as well.  Especially their UCAs.  Unfortunately we don't have the support the Jeeps have and suppliers can't just keep a large inventory.  Hopefully you have better experiences in the future.

Likely the delay is from the manufacturer
My recent prg order below with 1-3 weel delivery time
Radflows are drop shipped
Spc arms are drop shipped,
Bilstien shocks and cam bolts from prg.

Leafs would be custom and likely drop shipped.

For me, Calling M, T, Th between 8-9, has always resulted in a call back same day. Granted the Voice mail referenced christmas until mid january.

For reference my hefty sliders sat in powdercoat for 4-5 weeks, and after my first two weekly inferences of where my overdue parts are, i no longer recieved replies.

I would absolutely order from prg again, and have recived some excelent technical support from him.

Guessing you guys haven't seen the info on thenewx by Blinkd_Io
 or Gregs facebook lately. 

He is now committed to not promising dates, not doing any rebuild work or any work that he just doesn't want to do (which resulted in him shipping back several people their parts that were supposedly almost done but in fact haven't been touched) and a bunch of other stuff.   He seems hit and miss but his misses are like a 2007 Barry Bonds whiffing at tee-ball.

Objectively I've not used him and was on the fence, but after trying to contact Greg now on several occasions and failing, I went with Nisstec, the company that answers their phones and emails.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Hopefully PRG isn't turning into how Xoskel turned out.

What ever happened to John ( Xoskel)


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