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January 2010 Xcursion (pictures)

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Our January 2010 Xcursion was at Lake Pleasant.  We had a pretty good turnout - 7 trucks total.  Here are my pictures:

At the boat launch at the north end of the lake:

The water was up pretty high (the area to the right is a dirt parking lot most of the time):

Brenda on the trail to Humbug Creek:

Side window view after playing in the mud:

Table Mesa in background:

All 7 Xterras on Humbug Trail:

Zoom Out from across Humbug Creek:

Lake Pleasant Zoom In:

Brenda and her dog Zoe:

Zoom In of boat:

5 Xterras:

stout-x, RJCX, DZRT:

Rear view shot of mbs00:

stout-x, RJCX, DZRT:


Wild Burro (on the way back to the start of the trail):

I know there were at least 3 other cameras there, so please post up some of your pics.


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