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Desert Rat Offroad Coffee & Crawlers 2nd Saturdays!

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pinchel (Rob):

--- Quote from: Whattha(Nik) on December 06, 2017, 04:37:25 PM ---I may try to make this.  At least swing by and drop off a toy for a good cause.

--- End quote ---

That would be cool. Expect to see tons of Jeeps!

pinchel (Rob):
It was a good event. Saw only a handful of non Jeeps. They got lots of toys! I didn't win anything. They had hot cocoa, Donuts, coffee and Santa was there... next months won't be so big.

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Anyone going to this Saturday?

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Pax (Eric):
Clifford and i are going to try to make it.

pinchel (Rob):
I went this past weekend not may people but I arrived late for the raffle.


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