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Work Startson the SD40 Smith and Westen.

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Well as you know I purchases a S&W SD 40 a few weeks ago and after tireless research I have order a Apex Trigger and  Spring Kit.

I ordered from Midway and with replacement  Triennium sites was under $130.00bucks!

The trigger , which is a point of different views is 8lb pull and with the Apex Trigger will go down to 4.5lbPull. The Spring Kit  kilt will improve the feed and ejection.   It was a great buy for 299.00and with improvements still under 500.00.

I did take the S&W to C2 range and the 8lb trigger is a consideration. My Glock 19 9mm as always a relievable platform and I hope by new find will measure up.
Big difference between 9mm and 40 Cal and more practice will resolve my marksmanship.  Overall I am excited about going up to a 40 Cal.  It will make much better field gun than my 9MM  8)

Just got the Apex Trigger and Spring Kit today.  Waiting on those new sights! 8)

May Triennium sights have hipped from Midway USA.   Now we will see If I can make this S&W as dependable as my Glock! 8)

The SW is being up grades by Shoot Straight in CG. However I ran into a issue on the sights. As it turns out there is no one at these time  who makes a sight for the SD40VE.

Right Now I am thinking about I should of paid the extra for a SW M&P? :o

Hammer (Avi):
Interesting thread, let us know how it turns out. 


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