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And this is why we don't use tracers.  Some dipshit from California brought his full auto to Table Mesa and shot off a magazine full of tracers.  Just sent my dash cam video to the BLM investigators.  I didn't see it start - I just happen to see it, Donelle called BLM, and once we arrived, I gave them GPS coordinates.  They called back asking about a red Ford F150.  My video shows it's a CA plate, but I wasn't close enough to get the plate  number.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Wow. Good job keeping an eye out.


Part 2: The BLM is very interested in the white RAM 1500, whose plate was easy to capture.  Apparently white RAM and red Ford were together.  BLM should be contacting them Real Soon Now.

pinchel (Rob):
Bravo sir, and this kind of stuff disgusts me. I just don't get it.


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