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Xtiki Lift Install Mod Day TBD


pinchel (Rob):
Posting for Xtiki.

He's starting his lift project that he's had parts for about month now.

If anyone wants to come help, he is in Central Phoenix. He lives on the N/E Corner of Highland Ave and 3rd Ave in Phoenix. Right near Camelback and Central. You can PM us for an address.

On the to-do list:
New upper arms are SPC, came with new joints
Leaf packs

He is planning on starting the rear first.

pinchel (Rob):
we got one spring pack on!

pinchel (Rob):
So we got the rear leaf packs on but had issues with the rear shackles so those didn't go on. We didn't start the front. So XTiki will be needing help with those who have installed the SPC UCAs and the Radflo coilovers before.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
I have helped do rear shackles and the entire front.
Worst part are seized bolts and the uca bolt that hits steering shaft.

Thanks Rob!  We would still be hammering on those rear stock shackles with only one bolt removed if it were for you showing up.  I'll let you know what Greg from PRG says about those aftermarket shackles.

Also, squeaking is decreasing a little on the Radflo's I think. 


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