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Camping Flagstaff 27-30 April


PitSnipe (Kyle):
Hello all. Thought id share some pics of my annual camping trip I do with the group of friends from high school.

We camp every year up near Flag on FR533 just off the 89A. To be exact we camp on FR75 up on the mountain.

12 of us made it this year and it was pretty great. Nights got into the mid 20's while the days were a beautiful mid 50s.

My little tent away from everyone else.

The 12'x8' fire pit we dug out roared for three days.

Found a couple of stumps worthy of posing on.

A nice watering hole I stumbled on.

I found Rogers Lake which I didn't know existed.

Near Rogers Lake I had to take this pic of Humphries Peak (Snow Bowl).



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