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Hello everyone,

Pinchel (Rob) has been trying to get me to join here for a while now,  so I finally logged on. 

I've been selling body lifts on eBay and Facebook groups for over a year now, and was wondering if anyone here was interested.

I only sell 2" body lifts
First and second gen Xterra
First and second gen Frontier (all variations)
And going to start looking into the Titan soon and start selling them.

I have bumper raising brackets for first gen Xterra, haven't confirmed that they are the same for the first gen Frontier.

I'll log in here every once and a while, but if you need to get in contact with me quickly.
Email me:

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Do you have bumper brackets for 2nd gen Xs? Also what are your prices?


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PitSnipe (Kyle):
Found you on ebay. looks like 1st gen is $100 and $125 with bumper bracket. 2nd Gen is $125

 Thanks Kyle, that's me!

Im wanting to start looking into bumper brackets for second gens, it might be a few months before I'm ready to sell them though.


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