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Camping and Wheeling Weekend June 23rd- 25th


Wheeling and Camping Trip the weekend after Father's Day weekend.

We will be meeting up at the McDonald's on Carefree and the i17 at 2pm on Friday and heading out at 3:30pm

I will post coordinates of the campsite once we get there on Friday.

We will be running three trails during this weekend:
Friday Night Run: Outlaw Trail
*Moderate Trail; Starts at N34 53.419 W111 54.354, 10.3 miles, expected 1hr. We may or may not take this trail, depending on how many people would like to do the night run.

Saturday Run: Greasy Spoon
*Moderate Trail; N34 53.161 W111 53.592, 5.9 miles, expected 1.5 hrs

Sunday Run: Devils Bridge
*Moderate; N34 53.266 W111 49.363, 2.7 miles, 1.5-2 hrs

Everyone is responsible for their own permits
We will continue to update this event as necessary to keep you all updated. We hope to see you guys there.

Pax (Eric)

Thatsgr8 (Scott):
My daughter has a Jiu Jitsu competition on the 24th. I won't make it.

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PitSnipe (Kyle):
I will be in Iowa that weekend

This is the same weekend as the southern Utah trip I have posted, just an FYI for anyone who was interested in that.


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