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Anybody have suggestions for a GPS Nav / Mapping App for Android?  If you are working with one and have had good experiences, please drop a reply. 

There are so many out there and I downloaded 2 of them, Sygic and CoPilot.  Curious what other people are using.  I searched a little around the website and didn't find anything. 

For offline maps i use OSMand. I have not tried any advance features. for routes it used to require a 3rd party plugin, idk about now.

pinchel (Rob):
Google Earth and if you are willing to shell out the money to keep lots of maps look at Avenza. There is a free version of it, but you are limited to the amount of maps it stores.

I tried and liked US Topo Maps Pro, but it deleted my waypoints when I upgraded to the paid for version.

Other than that, it was awesome and has a route tracer and download offline maps to use without internet.

Import several formats of waypoints, etc.

I'm sure there's some that are better, and maybe I don't know enough about gps, but I was able to use it for what I wanted and I had tried another program and I couldn't even get a waypoint programmed. lol

Avenza!  Thanks guys.  A Forestry guy was showing me Avenza out near Seven Springs.  I couldn't remember the name.  I'll look at the other ones too.


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