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NEW AZXC Club Hats made by Branded Bills!!! They're IN!

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pinchel (Rob):
We're planning an another order soon. This time we'll all have to pay the retail price of $28 each so we can recoup funds back quicker for the club. We're planning to order 24 so it will be a big expense for the club.

Yes, you can request a style of your choice. If you haven't seen them in person ask a member who has one to send you a selfie! :)

We still have one unclaimed hat...

Hats are in! Who has their money!? If you are in the South / East valley perhaps we can meet up.

$25 for those who pre-ordered, but the club would appreciate if you donate $3 bucks more, or round up to $30. If you didn't pre-order, you're stuck paying the $28 regular price.


Also, if we increased our order quantity to 25 or more we can get everyone a little better price, but as you can see below, we are sticking to ordering only 12 for now.

Pinchel (Rob) - AZXC #302
Thupertrooper (Victor) - AZXC #201
PitSniper (Kyle) - AZXC #303
m.sainz12 - AZXC #306
DBAX - AXZC #303
14Frontier - AZXC #102
Stephen - AZXC #303
Rubio480 (Eron) - AZXC #303
Brannick (Chris) - AZXC #301

Here's the patch design we're going with for our initial order, it's mocked up on the most popular hat styles, if you pick(ed) a style different from the image that's fine, just be sure your 100% on it.

Pre-orders can choose any hat style from below, please post the #:

Thupertrooper (Victor):

--- Quote from: pinchel (Rob) on May 30, 2017, 11:39:46 AM ---Any interest in AZXC hats? I really like what Branded Bills is doing, and they are local. Not cheap, but we could get them done at about $25 a hat with a minimum of 10. So about $250 ish if we pre-order the cost will wash out, they retail for about $28.

I am having them do some digital mock ups.

These would be cool to have for CANVAZ.
I attached their color choices, most likely we can pick and choose.

--- End quote ---

Trucker style snap backs is my vote. Unless they are flex fit.
Im in one for azxc and another for canvaz.
I wont be needing my hoodies for a couple months lol

curved bill trucker, yes

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Flat bill trucker grey and black
Curved bill trucker. 302 color

Lets see some ideas on logo placement

pinchel (Rob):
Updated the OP with an image for the style of patch...question is can we get 10 members to buy them?


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