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pinchel (Rob):
Updated the OP....let's see if we can rally and hit $1500 by Saturday!

pinchel (Rob):
Ok, some exciting news for those of you who donated. We topped out at $1090, not including any swag or other raffle tickets purchased individually. When I set this up, the intention was to help our club get back to where it was when Marshall started it up. Folks were donating time, money, and hard work and they still were able to fundraise and bring in cash to donate.

We were able to that again this year, and I hope more of you can volunteer and help fundraise every year, even if you do not attend.

With that said, those of you who have made it in past years know that they always do a raffle at the end camp and the same guys win almost everything. There's a reason why, and if you weren't aware or realized it, it's because those winners had lots of raffle tickets which they earned by fundraising. They ride, and they ask everyone they know to donate while raising thousands of dollars from folks who aren't even there at the event.

This year, we attempted to do the same and we hit our minimum goal of $500 which came as a surprise to me. Then we had a few businesses donate which I was completely blown away by their support. We then pooled our fundraising efforts into sponsoring a rider, Randy Miller. My plan is to do this every year! Of course our intention is not to get anything out of it other than to do go, but the good folks who put the event together make it so folks will keep donating by offering raffles prizes for their efforts.

I know this is long winded so I'm going to try and wrap this up by saying Randy Miller biked the whole way and ended up winning a good share of raffle prizes that we are going to give back to those who donated cash. Our pooled cash donations were turned in at the Happy Hour on July 27th. We will be assigning tickets in $10 increments for the items he turned over to us. We sent Flag2GC t-shirts to our sponsors who donated cash and we thank them so much. We also thank those sponsors who donate product and gift certs.

Encouragement for next year! Stay tuned for raffle details... to be posted here!

Hammer (Avi):
Great job, and some great looking shirts for those who got them.  They have the AZXC logo on the back, well done :)

pinchel (Rob):

Our side raffle winners are:

Pitsnipe (Kyle) - An HP/Intel knit hat, and a ladie's "Barn Burner" t-shirt.

Rubio480 (Eron) - A pair of Four Peaks Brewery pint glasses, and a ladie's "Barn Burner" t-shirt.

Jeremy Edwards - Deschutes swag

Hammer (Avi) - Some Deschutes swag stainless steel cups and a bottlle opener

Pinchel (Rob) - REI folding chair and a $25 Spokes on Southern gift cert.

Jim & Nancy Molner (Pinchel's InLaws) - A pair of crazy orange cycling socks, a stadium table and chair set x2, they won both of them.

Stoic - The big prize of a Weber Q1200 Propane Grill, and a pair Tifosi Eyewear glasses.


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