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You helped us raise $1090 for Toys for Tots! -

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pinchel (Rob):
We received a product donation from Rockauto!

We are still short of our $500 goal, every little bit helps people. For the volunteers, I ask that you please share the donation link. If you need an email, I can send it to you. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Ask friends, family, coworkers, employers (many employers will match your donations) it doesn't hurt to ask. Years past, AZXC has raised upwards of $1000 in cash to donate. We haven't done that since I've been in the club and since we are hopefully going to be more involved in this event more and more, we should try and get back to raising cash donations.

pinchel (Rob):
StoicV, thank you for your donation! We also received a commitment from BihlerFlex for a product/cash donation as well!

pinchel (Rob):
Bihlerflex donation just came in.... $500!!! Wow, thanks Adam!

clap clap clap

pinchel (Rob):
We're almost to $1000!!!

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