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Desert Rat's Coffee & Crawlers - 2nd Saturdays

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pinchel (Rob):
I've been a few times this year, and it's usually no Nissans. With it being so hot, there might not be as many people which means increased chances to win something.

Arrive by 9 am to be entered in our raffle! Enjoy some coffee, donuts and fellow off-road enthusiasts! See you there! Bring your friends!

Saturday at 8am - 10am
Desert Rat Off-Road Centers
4453 S Rural Rd, Tempe, Arizona 85282

Thupertrooper (Victor):
I will most likley be there since we haven't used last times gift card lol
Hopefully we all win.

I'm new to the Xterra club, I will try to make it so I can meet some new people

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pinchel (Rob):
We're trying to leave the house by 730 ish to be there by 8am. Thupertrooper, you might need to hold our raffle tickets, I think the kids are going to want to head to Mud Mania pretty quick.

pinchel (Rob):
Arrived on time, already other vehicles besides nissan parking next to me.

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