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Stranded for two days in the desert - after action report

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The "toilet paper" log (actually paper towels) . . . and the survival food

Glad things turned out for the best.  I'm one of those stupid "I sometimes go out alone" 4 wheelers.  I've been stuck twice now.  First time was up my Young, AZ. Many good folks from ye olde timey AZXC came to my rescue after we managed to get a ride back to town and went out for the recovery several days later.

The 2nd time was out near the Gila river, east of the coke ovens.  Trail descended down into a pit (extremely dug out area by some flash floods).  I made it into the pit, but trying to climb out the other side would have put me in danger of rolling over. Trying to back out the way I came in was not working due to the steep decent(bumper was hitting before the wheel would).  After spending the night and trying to dig out a path that was safe from rolling, we realized that all we needed  was a boost up to clear the rocky ledge.  Since we didn't have any rocks to move in place we realized that the spare tire might act as this boost.  I must say this worked beautifully.  So keep this in mind if you ever are in need of a boost up with nothing else to give you that boost. Having that "alone time" sometimes allows you to think of creative solutions.

I wasn't as prepared as you were George, but I did have plenty of water and extra blankets for warmth since it was November.

Glad I'm not the only one :)

Hammer (Avi):
I always say never wheel alone, but we all end up on forest service roads not wheeling by ourselves sometimes.  Sometimes the road isn't what we expected.  Always, whether you are with someone else or alone, always keep food and plenty of water with you.  Cell phones also sometimes work if you stand on top of your rig or hike up the nearest hill, but always bring plenty of water. 


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