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pinchel (Rob):
Date: July 1st, 2017
Route: I17 S., 101 E., 51 S., I10 W., I17 N.
Location: Victory Lane Sports Complex
State: Arizona
City: Phoenix
Beneficiary: Military Assistance Mission
Tickets available on location and online
$5 - 1 Vehicle Entry, 1 Raffle Ticket, $5 Donation
$10 - 1 Vehicle Entry, 3 Raffle Tickets, $10 Donation
$20 - 1 Vehicle Entry, 3 Raffle Tickets, $10 Donation, AND a USFR Hat
Vendor booths $30, contact me directly at
Raffle item donations for advertisements welcome!
US, Betsy Ross, Gadsden, Military flags only
No burnouts and all that jazzzz
This is a FAMILY event!

PitSnipe (Kyle):
I am thinking about doing this. Anyone else?

I just want to be really clear about this event.  We all gather together, circle around our trucks and bullshit, form a convoy, cruise around the valley freeways with our flags flying from our rigs, then meet back up for a raffle?  I'm in.

pinchel (Rob):
Who's going? I'm not able to make it, unless I drive separate cars...we're headed to Surprise to have a late lunch with family today. Plus I still haven't replaced my torn flag.

I went.  Only Xterra.  Only SUV.  All others were pickups (except the Jeep).  17 trucks, 1 Xterra and 1 Jeep.  It was cool.


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