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OHV Economic Impact Study Surveyor - Paid Position!


pinchel (Rob):
I have done this, so if anyone has questions please ask. Usually it's volunteers doing this but they want people to really pay attention and get good data so they are hiring. Great way to get outdoors and get paid for it.


Are you our someone you know interested in helping out with data collection for the OHV Economic Impact Study?  We are recruiting for a part time seasonal, paid position to travel around the state collecting surveys.  Please help us spread the word to find someone interested.

Arizona State Parks & Trails is seeking one motivated individual to assist in gathering user surveys at various OHV riding areas throughout the state. This position will be based out of the Phoenix, AZ State Parks office and will operate on a part-time, varied work schedule (20 hours a week).

Check the link for details.

pinchel (Rob):
If anyone is looking for some easy money, they still have not hired anyone for this yet. You have to have the availability.

pinchel (Rob):
Forgot to post earlier they hired some one...


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