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Pre-order your CANVAZ 2017 hats! - Branded Bills


pinchel (Rob):
CANVAZ 2017 hats will be from Branded Bills, if you haven't heard of them, they are local. They are not cheap, but definitely high quality hats for a hat lover.

We're planning to order about a dozen, so first come first serve once the order is put in. We will likely sell them at $28 a piece, and you can choose any color or style of hat that is on the sheet. If we have enough interest, we can maybe offer a better price to those who pre-order, for which we'd need to order a minimum of 25 hats.

As with any pre-order, once the order is placed we can accept your money once we can hand you the hat. If you'd rather pay up front, that would be awesome but not required. Hats are expected to availble before CANVAZ.

We're still open to feedback on which patch design. Here's a digital mockup of the CANVAZ 2017 decal design, 1 or 2?

You can choose your own style of hat from these below:

Are there going to be Canvaz hats?

pinchel (Rob):

--- Quote from: 14Frontier on September 19, 2017, 11:34:10 PM ---Are there going to be Canvaz hats?

--- End quote ---

We opted to not do this since we didn't have enough people express their interest.


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