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Four Peaks Cleanup 04 Nov 17

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PitSnipe (Kyle):
Save the Date for the next Fourpeaks Cleanup near Phoenix, Arizona. Itís scheduled for Saturday November 4th, 2017.

We'll post details as they come.

Some helpful info:

Please plan to bring shovels, rakes, gloves, sunscreen, small trailers to help haul trash, pop up canopies, and any other equipment that may be useful. It is typically a two part cleanup. Morning/Lateafternoon

If you any questions, would like to donate to the cleanup or items for our raffle, or you are a vendor or sponsor and have questions, please can contact us at:


Attending Morning

Thupertrooper (Victor)

Attending Afternoon

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Ill be there for the morning one 8)

Dan B:
I'll be there for the A.M. session with the wife and kids. However, it may be hard to find me. I had to peel off my stickers because they were looking pretty bad.

Are we going to meet at the staging area or at McDonald's nearby?

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Unfortunately I don't think anyone is going from AZXC. My new job is keeping me from going.

pinchel (Rob):
Kid has football on Saturday mornings...


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