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Haigler Canyon Campground - Labor Day Weekend

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pinchel (Rob):
The family and our neighbors are heading to the wilderness Labor Day weekend. I'll be heading up Saturday morning to check out the spots and reserve an area. Our neighbors will be up Saturday evening, anyone is welcome to join but there will be kids with us so be warned. :)

Also, the spots are first come first serve. I have seen some random videos and pics and it looks well developed but it is far off from the highway so maybe it will be busy and maybe it won't. Considering it's Labor Day Weekend, I'm hoping for not so busy. If it is full, I'll be looking for alternates in the area. I know Bear Flat is a good spot but not a lot of room.

Let me know if anyone is interested. Looks like stream fishing might be a possibility...Tonto Pass is required.

pinchel (Rob):
No one else interested? I'm hoping to leave early Saturday morning, with a slight chance of Friday afternoon.

Let me ask Jessica. We were going "somewhere" involving a tent..

OK, we're out. Headed in to Oak Creek and if nothing's available, up off FR222 (original start camp)..
Have fun and take/post pics so we know what Haigler Creek looks like.
*Also- Heads up. The link you provided above states " Haigler Creek is prone to have flash floods from rains on the Mogollon Rim.." *
Be aware of storm activity AWAY from you also..

pinchel (Rob):
Will do, I think Stephen is coming up. Weather should be clear of potential floods.

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