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AZXC Hats Reorder! - from Branded Bills

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pinchel (Rob):
We're planning an another order very soon, I want to try to get them ready for CANVAZ. This time we'll all have to pay the retail price of $28 each so we can recoup funds back quicker for the club. We're planning to order 24 so it will be a big expense for the club.

We still have one unclaimed hat... (m.sainz12)

Yes, you can request a style of your choice. If you haven't seen them in person ask a member who has one to send you a selfie! :)

Pre-orders can choose any hat style from below, please post the #:

Mr. Ohizona:
I would like a hat on the next order.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Put me down for one too.

pinchel (Rob):
Not many requests, did anyone have a specific style/color other than what we have ordered previously?

PitSnipe (Kyle):
If we do another order put me down for a 202.


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