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Transmission took a dump

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I have had super bad luck with domestic vehicles. I have spent way too much money in the past on Ford, GM, and Chrysler products (Jeeps). Many weekends spent in the garage under my Jeep's, and running around to different shops.

I've only ever owned Datsun/Nissans and a couple of Mazdas. Did all the work (that I could) myself, and they all performed great. Then, I inherit a Lincoln Continental and it comes up with a transmission issue so it sits in the garage, wasting away, and now this Chevy w/ a transmission issue..  ::) In fact, if anyone here works on Lincolns, let me know. It kills me to see that car sitting there, I'd cruise it every day if I could.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Hmm a lemon?
Domestics is the way to go for full size trucks only small domestic I have owned was a ford focus and that last my highschool year before I handed it down.

My 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with now 175k miles is still my daily. With 13-15 mpg out of a 8.1L engine with a 5speed Allison transmission is only currently needing power steering/ hydrobooster leak and engine mounts I think it depends one what vehicles you are used to owning.

I break more on my Nissan Pathfinder but thats because I beat on it.


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