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What the heck to you all like to do???

Please share any other Activities you like to do.

Need an option for ALL OF THE ABOVE! ;D

I say we combine all of the top choices and adventure wheel to a ghost town, set up an overnight camp, cook/eat good camp food, sit and drink beer and then go hiking in the morning.  ;)

We did something like this a while back, Adam, Adam's Fam, Wally and I. We spend the day exploring the area east of Peeples Valley (south of Prescott, east of Crown Kind, North of Lake Pleasant.) We found abandoned buildings in ghost towns, the "lost lake" which turned out to be a leaching pond, windmills, watering holes, a big white circus tent set up in the middle of nowhere and jeep trails that haven't been used in years. We found geocaches along the way, had lunch and explored on foot for a bit. I think we spent most of the day in 2WD on dirt roads, except for some of the old jeep trails. We had a blast. I think this is my favorite kind of wheeling... you never know what is around the next bend.  ;D

Rattlesnake wheeling !

Nice, cozy campfire


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