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A new build and it will be a slow build

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I have not had the pleasure to meet a lot of you, with the exception of Pinchel. His daughter sold me some Girl Scout cookies, yes I am still carrying the weight from those damn cookies...

Well I just recently (10/11/2017) bought a newer to me Xterra, 2006 Xterra S 4wd in grey.  The Xterra was throwing a P0345 code when I picked it up. But this morning I swapped out both the cam sensors and via an OBD2 reader and app I was able to remove the code from the ECU.

Mechanically I need to get in and change out the timing chain tension parts as it sounds like a diesel till it warms up and the sound goes away. My buddy in Gilbert has power tools so I am going to order the parts and enlist his help, sorry Robert.

The stereo needs some attention too, the left side speakers do not work. I tried moving the fader around and no luck. But I am going to pull it out and take a look at it.

The brush guard is going soon too, I can't stand the damn thing but I will loose the driving/spot lights when I do. They will eventually get replaced with LED light bars either in the bumper or the roof.

As far as the suspension it is stock and feels so weird not being higher like I am in the 02 Xterra which is for sale $2500.

Now for your viewing pleasure...

Thatsgr8 (Scott):
I have an 06 as well. Mine has 219,300 miles on it. It also needs the whining cam tensioners replaced. I ordered my parts kit from Amazon for about $95 shipped. It shipped from the Surprise Nissan dealer. I still need to get the flywheel locking tool. If you figure out how to lock the motor without the special $125 tool please let me know. As far as the stereo, search website. Nissan has some funky ohm requirements if you have and are keeping the factory sub and amps. The sound from the factory radio (Rockford Fosgate) setup in my eyes is terrible.  Good luck

Be sure to let me know how you lock the motor. Thanks.

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So after getting the DTC codes fixed. Driving to work, home and around town I have noticed a vibration in the steering wheel and the body. I am hoping that the vibration is from the front wheel bearings. They have never been replaced even by the OG owner.


Thupertrooper (Victor):
If it responds to throttle might be u joints.

According to the OG owner the U-joints have been replaced. It is a constant whir whir and felt through the steering wheel.


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