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Senators HWY 26Nov17


PitSnipe (Kyle):
Went out with a buddy and ran the Senators HWY trail. It was supposed to be a two day trip by running the back way to CK and camping in CK then running the Senators HWY to Prescott. Everyone backed out except the two of us. We opted out of the back way to CK. Went up the front way. Stopped in CK and got some fudge. Then took the Senators HWY to Prescott stopping a few times to do some geocaching. Its a easy 2wd trail, but very scenic. I really enjoyed it. Stopped in Prescott and had lunch at the Prescott Brewing Company and then headed home.

This trail has a lot of side trails that have intrigued me. Gotta go back and check them out and inspect some mines in the area.

IMG_20171126_095156_497 by Kyle Zastrow, on Flickr

20171126_112025 by Kyle Zastrow, on Flickr

20171126_121120 by Kyle Zastrow, on Flickr

Stoic V:
nice shots

Thatsgr8 (Scott):

--- Quote from: Stoic V on November 30, 2017, 05:24:32 AM ---nice shots

--- End quote ---

I canít wait to get my rig all fixed and running correctly again so I can finally take it past my driveway so I can take the family out on adventures like this.

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Thupertrooper (Victor):
looks like fun I haven't wheeled since CANVAZ. Christmas Tree cutting doesn't count 8)


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