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2018 Kickoff Run

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Thupertrooper (Victor):
2018 Kickoff Run
Date: Friday 26th - Sunday 28th
Location: Lake Pleasant / Crown King

Friday: Meet & Greet at Camp 5pm
Location: 33°54'39.3"N 112°18'15.0"W

Saturday: Crown King trail 10am
Location: (33.9522600,-112.3117475)
   • CK Trail will take all day so please bring enough water and some snacks
   •After trail meet up back at camp
   •Permit might be needed if camping more of a precaution
   • Firewood would be appreciated if visiting campsite
   • Food will be eat what you bring, but sharing is fine

Sunday: Head Home
Crown King: Trail is a 4wd only trail due to current condition. Camp Spot will be 2wd accessible.

More details to sure to bring cash to purchase a new patch or renew/become a Supporting Member! Supporting Members get their choice of club sticker or patch, you can also decline to receive it if you choose.

Thupertrooper (Victor)
Pinchel (Rob)
Rubio480 (Eron)
XterrasNameIsMolly (Justin)
ShakenNotStirred - Saturday Trail
hawairish (Patrick) - Saturday Trail
14Frontier - Saturday Trail

Hammer (Avi)
PitSnipe (Kyle)
Paz (Eric)
Weyoun 5

pinchel (Rob):
Hard to say, usually we go out and it's my birthday weekend, except this coming January we promised my daughter a birthday party but we have not decided which weekend that will be happening yet. Assuming we won't be going far from Phoenix, I'd have to vote for this to be late January.

I voted for the last weekend. It gives me a chance to fix the timing chain and get this Pro 4x/lift in.

Last weekend works best for me...maybe we can run a section of the AZ Peace trail for this run.  I would also vote for a trail I have not run before...

Weyoun 5:
I'm looking forward to getting out again!  My only issue is my X is not lifted, so large obstacles are a no go, beyond that I'm open for any trail.


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