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2018 Kickoff Run

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pinchel (Rob):
Hoping more people RSVP, and maybe just swing by the campsite by the lake.

Stoic V:
I have a rare Friday Night off, so I might come out and camp. If I do show up, I  most likely wont be running up to CK.    Im still a maybe.

pinchel (Rob):
Thanks to everyone who made it! Be sure and tag us on social media and use hashtag #KickoffRun2018 and someone can start a picture thread when they can get a chance.

Wish everything could have gone smoother but it was nice spending the day on the trail with everyone!

If you did not get a sticker for the event please let me know.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Thank you to everyone that participated and helped out with making this event run smoothly.

There is not a picture thread you can post up some pictures or videos on the run you would like to share.



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