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2018 Kickoff Run Pictures


Thupertrooper (Victor):
Post up your pictures you would like to share of the Kickoff Run here.

I also would like to thank all the ones that participated.
Jeff for scouting out campspot
Rob(Vinyl Tats) for Event Decals
Stephen for leading the group through Crown King trail
Patrick for sticking around and Helping track down parts
Kyler for giving Erons fam a ride home
Appreciate it guys 8)

Thupertrooper (Victor):

Thupertrooper (Victor):

Camp wiener roast

Only picture I took at camp lol

Archie sleeping on Erons foot while we wait on parts lol.

Erons pretzel tie rod with Kyler in the background saying " well there's your problem"

Rest of my pictures are on flickr and Idk how to upload some vids.

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