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5th Annual Vegas Nationwide Nissan Meet


pinchel (Rob):
For those who interested...posting this from Facebook.



Group Code: SVNISSN
Cut off date if 2/8/201

Thursday $89.00
Friday $99.00
Saturday $109
Daily Resort fee $16.99 +tax

Upon check in there is a $100 refundable deposit that is for any room amenities that are used. If you don't order anything you will get the deposit back or off the total of your room when you check out.

We will be having a Party Bus it’s $25 per person for the night which is a ride from The Silverton to Fremont St then back to The Silverton this also includes the Tip for the Driver.

Last year we got hooked up with a bunch of FREE ALCOHOL on the Party Bus. If you want a place on the Party Bus you will need to send me your PayPal Payment to

I will be paying ahead of time for the Party Bus so I will
Need everyone’s payment December 30, 2017.

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