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I'm new!!!


Howdy do folks!!  Names Nate and I'm a newb here on the form. Just picked up my 2nd Titan and have to say I'm dang stoked to say the least!!  First was an '06 and now I have a '14, both white. 

I'm a rabid motorcycle owner and not a huge fan of cars but LOVE trucks, especially the Titan line! 

I do apologize in advance for all of the silly/stupid questions I'll be asking.

Thanks for having me!!!


Thupertrooper (Victor):
Welcome 8)
No such thing as a silly question if you learn from it.
Ask away we will all try our best to answer.

Nice titan very clean.

Stoic V:
Nice truck... But do all cars suck???


--- Quote from: Stoic V on May 11, 2018, 09:49:18 AM ---Nice truck... But do all cars suck???

--- End quote ---

Yup!!!! 😜

Actually a huge fan of classics, hot rods, and such. Itís just the run of mill econo boxes that try to slam into me on the bike that I have issues with.


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