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Hi Guys,

My name is Ryan, I recently purchased a 2002 2wd Xterra non supercharged with 122k miles. Picked it up as my daily but then realized it is horrible on gas! Eh, it is paid for so decided to keep it because I love the truck! Yes it's slow as hell and gets worse MPG's than my 6" lifted diesel BUT it is cool and I enjoy it! So far I have smoke tested it to fix an EVAP leak, changed oil, diff fluid, trans fluid and filters. Distributor looked good so put a new Rotor and cap on it. Replaced a ton of old vacuum lines that were rock hard and one that had split. Next on my list is the Knock sensor and while I have all that off I will do the plugs. Ya I know about the knock sensor relocation but I am OCD and like things as is so even though it is work I want it replaced as it would have come. Also looking to replace the shocks as I am sure they worn out but had been looking for a leveling kit or some kind of stronger UCA or both.

Located in AZ so looking forward to meeting other AZ guys. Bummed I just missed the Sedona run! Realize the truck is 2wd but as long as we are not mud bogging or seriously rock crawling I would be in for some trips! Not sure if any of you guys are in the Dune scene or UTV world but those are my other two loves!

Looking forward to meeting all you peeps and getting a local ride planned!


Thupertrooper (Victor):
Welcome  8)
I see you made it from the xterra crew.

Although some runs are 4wd only the camping everybody is welcomed. We will be in flag for the overland expo. You dont have to attend the expo to camp with us.

Sure did! Thanks for mentioning it Vic! Also became a supporting member so I can get a sticker on the X in case anyone is in the valley!

Sounds good! Could always take the UTV if you guys do a crazy trail ha!


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