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Hello AZXC,

I'm a member of SCCX and I will be vacationing in Arizona from 11-4-19 to 11-11-19 and will be in Sedona from 11-4 to 11-7 after that I'm not sure where we will go.

Apart from the activities the wife has planned I would like to get in a day or two of wheeling. Currently looking at:

Broken Arrow
Soldier Pass
Oak Creek Homestead
Smiley Rock
Horseshoe Canyon
Red Rock Powerline

Looking for your opinions on rating these trails from best or coolest to lame. I would like to knock out as many trails as possible but will not be camping.

Thanks in advance for any info provided.

James (0317)

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Best: Smiley rock( more technical and challenging less traffic)
Broken Arrow ( most scenic and still fun slick rock climbing but could be horribe trail traffic depending on day and time.

Soldiers pass now need a permit and not worth the wheeling but for the hiking.

Oak creek/powerline is just very low to no 4wd needed. But if you have an extra day to wheel good to do.

Could smiley rock and broken be done in the same day?


--- Quote from: 0317 on December 26, 2018, 01:23:01 PM ---Could smiley rock and broken be done in the same day?

--- End quote ---
My wife and I have done broken arrow without stopping at the scenic spots and finished it in under an hour. I havenít done smiley rock

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Iíve noticed that some of these trails need permits, soldier pass for example and the forest service only issues 12 per day. Have you guys had issues with getting these permits?

Also Permit holders may hold only one permit at a time and wait until after the permit date before requesting another permit.

So running multiple trails in a day is not common?


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